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Premier Landing v2
Construction Services Construction Services
- 24 / 7 / 365 LIVE emergency service
- Attend project meetings
- Suggest and Interview vendors
- Multiple bids and clear cost comparisons
- Coordinate staging and scheduling of work
- Progress and Maintenance inspections
- Financial Support / Bookkeeping
- Detailed Monthly Reporting

Our Service

Budget Preparation

Dome has helped dozens of Sponsors comply with governmental regulations for the offering of homes within over one hundred condominiums and homeowners associations. This experience includes ground-up new construction as well as the conversion of existing vacant and occupied buildings.

Our extensive experience managing properties of all types allows us to formulate a realistic budget that balances the needs of prospective purchasers, who need to know what services are being provided and the amount of their monthly common fees, and the developer, whose home sales could be impacted by an unrealistic budget.

We work directly with the Sponsor’s professionals (i.e. attorney, architect, engineer, etc.) to determine the services required to operate the property and the cost of providing those services.