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20th Anniversary

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During these difficult and uncertain times Dome innovates again, creating the DOME Savings Club and giving YOU and your community an opportunity to easily save many hundreds of dollars per year on regularly used products and services from DOME and other selected vendors.

Leveraging the collective buying power of more than ten thousand residents in DOME managed communities, the DOME Savings Club provides select vendors with an opportunity to entice new customers, and build loyalty with existing ones, by offering direct savings to DOME managed communities. The DOME Savings Club actively solicits and selects participants and valuable offers from reputable vendors and merchants. Members can increase their savings by suggesting and recommending merchants and vendors for participation in the DOME Savings Club.

Current savings offers already exceed the cost of Premier Community Management, and as the DOME Savings Club grows, so does your opportunities for saving. IT'S BETTER THAN FREE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT.

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