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We Know Community Matters SM

If you've ever served on the Board of a community association, you probably know that new issues appear daily, and they are sometimes unexpected and require immediate attention.

DOME has the resources and ability to properly budget, operate and maintain your community and its property, and the experience and knowledge to guide you through the unexpected situations - 24 hours every day. DOME manages 100+ communities of different types and sizes, and has faced and solved many challenges alongside our clients.

We understand that managing your community requires clear communication between management, the Board, and the owners, and extends beyond just managing the property. You and your neighbors have a shared vision of improving property values while controlling costs, and it is our job to help you accomplish both.

Every community, building and property is different, and each Board has different goals and expectations. DOME has decades of experience properly budgeting, operating and maintaining community associations of all types and sizes; and the resources and knowledge to guide you through these difficult times, and those unexpected situations, 24 hours every day. DOME's Community Association Management solution is tailored to each client, and includes our comprehensive Residential Property Management service to address the physical, financial and administrative needs of your community association.

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Add for as low as $6.95/mo per home

Our Premier Management Package combines several money-saving features; allowing your community to run better and at a more predictable monthly cost.

"It's Included" The Premier Management Package includes FREE photocopies and postage for your community's needs - such as billing, notices, reports, payables, financials and mailings. These items, which are usually billed in addition to your management fee, can be unpredictable and fluctuate from month-to-month.

Enhanced Maintenance DOME now has a licensed Professional Engineer with over 25 years of experience on-staff who is available to help your community troubleshoot repairs, oversee certain maintenance, and plan for special projects. Our engineer's advice and guidance, which is regularly billed at up to $175.00 per hour, is included with the Premier Management Package

Digital Package Dome has extensively upgraded its technology to better serve its customers. The Premier Management Package entitles your community, and Board, to secure 24-hour online access to digital community documents - such as monthly reports, annual financials, governing documents, insurance policies, and offering plans.


See below pricing chart for current pricing, and package specials with the Dome Savings Club.

Saving Club


Add for as low as $9.95/mo per home

Another DOME innovation, the Dome Savings Club offers your community, and residents, discounts from selected vendors. Easily SAVE Many Hundreds, or even Thousands, of Dollars per Year.

Leveraging the combined buying power of more than ten thousand residents, DOME actively solicits participants for the services your community uses, as well as services for its residents. In addition to banks, landscapers, contractors, etc., the Dome Savings Club includes personal services such as Time Warner Cable, restaurants, salons and automotive repairs to name just a few. The sky is the limit - and you can suggest and recommend future participants.

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Featuring Money Saving Offers from:
Savings: Save more than $60.00/month Price-locked through July 2012
Savings on this item exceeds the entire cost of the Premier Management Package and the Dome Savings Club.
It's like getting FREE property management!
Description: Take advantage of bulk-rate pricing for:
  • DTValue HD Cable TV
    with Showtime at no additional cost
  • Road Runner Hi-Speed Online
    with PowerBoost & FREE Internet Security Suite
  • Full-featured digital phone service
    with unlimited calling to US, Canada and Puerto Rico

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Monthly Pricing for Community Association Management

Since every community and property is different, and each Board has different goals and expectations, there is no standard price for our Community Association Management solution. Rest assured, our pricing is flexible and competitive; and our track record of saving community associations' money repeatedly validates our worth to our clients.

Click one of the links below to tell us more about your community association, and we will contact you to discuss a proposal suitably tailored to your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

Monthly Pricing for the Premier Management Package and the Dome Savings Club

Increase your savings. These two features give hundreds of dollars of savings directly to YOU, and the benefits already outweigh their cost - it's better-than-FREE property management.

- Prices shown are per home and are in addition to your Community Association Management

2 years 3 years 5 years
Premier DSC Both Premier DSC Both Premier DSC Both
1 9.95 15.95 19.95 7.95 12.96 16.95 6.95 9.95 12.95
2 9.95 15.95 19.95 8.95 14.95 18.95 7.95 10.95 14.95
3 8.95 14.95 18.95 7.95 10.95 14.95
4 8.95 11.95 16.95
5 8.95 11.95 16.95

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